Custom Seat Insert

Get your custom seat insert molded to your body. Little to no movement when strapped into the seat, yet comfortable, making the driving experience unique and left foot braking ease.

Even an insert for the insert is possible for multiple endurance racers sharing one seat.

Sizes vary from small pillow to full formula insert, covered in fire retardant material, and carbon fiber backing plate optional for thin layered inserts.

Our custom seat insert solutions are endless, contact us for your own insert today!

1:1 DTM Race Car Build In Germany

We offer full Mercedes Benz 190E W201 dtm race car build. All cars are fully built in Germany. Parts and components are 1:1 with the original racecar. Please contact us for more information.

Universal Light Weight Dashboard

Rilli Racing’s universal motorsport dashboards come in carbon fiber or fiberglass with honeycomb inlay for maximum durability. All our dashboards weight between 1.3 lbs – 2.0 lbs.

More rilli amazing products will come soon. Stay tune.